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Large Tofu Machine

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Automatic tofu machine uses microcomputer program control program, fool operation, one key to achieve instant washing and grinding, high-speed cooking pulp, high temperature sterilization and other high-tech technology, comprehensive subvert complex manual work. Standardized production process, greatly improve production efficiency.     

Tofu machine Multiple function:

The machine can produce various products like Tofu, Soya-bean milk, Tofu pudding.And it can make other machines together with other equipment.

Automatic operation:

The machine takes full automatic control system and can works automatically thus release worker from hard work.

Automatic temperature control

The machine has temperature controller to monitor the process of Soya-bean milk boiling.

It can set the temperature for different products.

Finally, it can alarm when it reach the set temperature.

Operation method of automatic tofu machine:

1) Grout:

1. Before grinding, check whether the water level of the steam drum reaches the highest level on the liquid level gauge, especially note that the water level on the liquid level gauge must be replenished to the highest level immediately when it drops to the lowest level.

2. Press the grinding switch, the indicator light will be on, rotate the grinding water valve, adjust the amount of grinding water, put soybeans into the hopper, the amount of water should be loose with the bean dregs discharged from the slag outlet without pulp, then grind the soybeans into the hopper until the soybean milk in the cooking pulp bucket reaches the highest mark in the bucket, The amount of soybean milk shall not exceed the mark of the maximum amount of cooking pulp, and the general amount of cooking pulp should be 2/3 of the barrel volume.

2) Cooking and pulping:

1. Cover the cooking pulp barrel.

2. set size cooking temperature is 105 ℃, commonly according to the heating switch, heat indicator, when soya-bean milk the set temperature is reached, the automatic cutting power, heating lamp, stop the heating, soya-bean milk is produced.

3. discharge soy milk when there is a lot of steam should be opened slowly, so as not to burn.

3) Cleaning and shutdown: clean it according to the following requirements.

1. Pulping machine:

Open the grinding cover, clean the residue, scrub the inner shell of the grinding machine with trace water and cloth, do not directly rinse with water, restore the grinding machine and hopper after washing, press the switch of the grinding machine and empty grinding water valve for 1-2 minutes.     

2. Slurry barrel and steam pipe inside the barrel:

Remove the steam pipe, rinse the slurry barrel with water, dredge the hole on the steam pipe, clean and install it. Every time cleaning must pay attention to the steam pipe holes dredge.

3. Shutdown: after the above work, close the power switch, close the slurry valve, into the grinding valve, water inlet valve, open the drainage valve.

Tofu machine advantages:

1. Advanced automatic control, with double leakage, over-current protection system, safe and reliable use.

2. The frame structure of the body is stable and durable, made of high quality stainless steel, in line with health standards.

3. The cover an area of an area small, 1or2 people can operate the production

4. A multi-purpose machine, the production of soybean milk, bean curd, bean brain, colored tofu, fruit and vegetable tofu, bean curd, etc.

5. The output is from the spot supply of 100-400kg of equipment per time, and can be customized.  


1. How to place the order?

First we will recommend the suitable machine according to customer's requirements.You may come to the factory to inspect the machines,If everything is OK,you can make payment.After we received the money,we will arrange the delivery.

2. Date of delivery?

We will arrange the production and shipment as soon as possible when we received the deposit, and update the information with the customer on line.

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